Useful Info

Mailbox replacements
If your mailbox is in need of replacement, please do so.  The HOA deed restrictions require the mailbox to be the same style, size, shape and color as the original.  An approved mailbox can be purchased at Loews, Item # 807016, Model # E1600B00.  They are approximately $25.00.  

Mailbox numbers:  Purchase from https://doityourselflettering/create/
height - 2.13"
Font - Century Schoolbook
Material - premium reflective vinyl  

These match the original letters and are easy to install.

Gas Lamps
The gas lamps are to be kept lit for safety and security of the neighborhood.  
Replacement mantels can be purchased at any hardware store.  Or, contact Specialty Gas House.  Specialty Gas House has the mantles to purchase if you want to replace them yourself, or they can replace the mantels, replace the glass, fix and service your gas lamp.  

Specialty Gas House
email: [email protected]