Useful Info

Mailbox looking tired and sick and needing repair?  Contact The Mailbox Doctor 614-746-2503 [email protected]

Our deed restrictions require replacement mailbox and posts be the same size, style, and shape as the original.  The original mailbox is the 1.5 Black Fulton.  The post is the 4-inch CL Aluminum post, with 2.25 inch white vinyl screen printed classic numbers on both sides of the mailbox.  Both are available through Capital Lighting at Polaris.

Or, simply contact The Mailbox Doctor.  They provide the following services:

- Complete Refurbishment - new 1.5 Black Fulton mailbox, numbers and painted post

- Complete Replacement - new 1.5 Black Fulton mailbox with new 4" CL Post and numbers, includes removal and installation

- Post Straightening - Bring current regulation post to plumb and stablize with quickcrete product. 

The Mailbox Doctor - 614-746-2503, [email protected]

Gas Lamps

All property owners are asked to keep their gas lamps lit for safety, security and appearance of the neighborhood following the intent of our HOA deed restrictions by the developer installing a gas lamp on each property for added safety, security and appearance at night throughout the neighborhood.

Replacement mantels can be purchased at any hardware store.  Or, contact one of these companies below who can service your lamp post.  Specialty Gas House has the mantles to purchase if you want to replace them yourself, or either company can replace the mantels, replace the glass, fix and service your gas lamp.  

Specialty Gas House,,  614.261.0824
email: [email protected]

The Gas Man Ohio, [email protected], 614-957-0070