Belvedere Deed Restrictions

Belvedere is a deed restricted community. For a complete list of all Design Standards, go to the Member Handbook page.  Review the deed restrictions which apply to all property owners posted below along with the by-laws.

The following are some helpful reminders.  Please review the deed restrictions on the website for a full and complete listing of restrictions and requirements.

  • Gas Lamps- All property owners are asked to keep their gas lamps lit for the safety and appearance of the neighborhood following the intent of our HOA deed restrictions by the developer installing a gas lamp on each property for added safety, security and appearance at night throughout the neighborhood. 

    Replacement mantels can be purchased at any hardware store.  Or contact one of these companies who can service your lamp post.  They have the mantles to purchase or they can replace the mantels, replace the glass and service your gas lamp.

     The Gas Man Ohio, [email protected],  614-957-0070

         Specialty Gas House[email protected], 614.261.0824

  • Mailbox Repair/Replacement – Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of their mailbox.  If your mailbox and or post needs repaired or replaced, contact The Mailbox Doctor, 614-746-2503, [email protected]. 

    Our HOA deed restrictions require replacement mailbox and posts be the same style, size, shape and color as the original.   The original mailbox is the 1.5 Black Fulton.  The post is the 4-inch CL Aluminum post, with 2.25-inch white vinyl screen printed classic numbers on both sides of the mailbox.   

    The Mailbox Doctor has been approved to provide the original mailbox and post.   They provide the following services:
    Complete refurbishment - new 1.5 Black Fulton mailbox, numbers and painted post
    Complete replacement - new 1.5 Black Fulton mailbox with new 4" CL Post and numbers, includes removal and installation
    Post Straightening - Bring current regulation post to plumb and stabilize with quick Crete product.

  • Architectural Design Review Board - Our deed restrictions require prior approval by the HOA Design Review Board for all improvements to your property, construction or exterior modifications.  i.e.: new roof shingles, change in the exterior paint color for your home, new landscaping projects, patios, decks, etc.  Make sure all plans are submitted and approved by the Design Review Board prior to any work being done.  Go to Member Handbook for applicable applications. 

  • Vehicles – No trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, campers or mobile homes shall be parked or stored on the street or on any Lot (except in an enclosed structure shielded from view) for any time period longer than forty-eight (48) hours in any thirty (30) day period.

  • Storage – No open storage or any kind is permitted. No storage buildings of any kind are permitted, including without limitation, sheds or barns.

  • Trash – No burning or storage of trash of any kind shall be permitted on the Property. All trash shall be deposited in covered, sanitary containers and kept in the garage or screened from view.

  • Antennae – No outside television or radio aerial or antenna, or other aerial or antenna, including satellite receiving dishes, for reception or transmission, shall be maintained on the premises, except for satellite dishes with a diameter less than one (1) meter, erected or installed to minimize visibility from the street which the dwelling fronts.

  • Fencing – no fencing or privacy wall of any type is permitted.

  • Pride of Ownership – Maintenance by owners. Each owner or occupant shall repair, replace and maintain in good order and condition all structures used in connection with his/her lot, including all landscaping and other flora, structures and improvements situated on the property.

  • Speed Limits – the posted speed limit throughout the neighborhood is 25 MPH. Belvedere has lots of young children and active residents walking and riding bikes in the neighborhood.  Please be mindful of your speed limit when traveling through the neighborhood.

  • Social Events – The HOA usually coordinates and hosts a Halloween parade, Easter Egg hunt and Ice Cream social before the start of school.

  • HOA Meetings – An annual meeting of members will be called by the “Board of Trustees” of the “Board” for the election of trustees, the review of committee reports and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Meetings are typically held in the fall.  Notice will be given to all property owners on record with the HOA at the time of the meeting notice of the date, time and location of the meeting.

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