• Gas Lamps -  All property owners are asked to keep their gas lamps lit for safety and appearance following the intent of our neighborhood deed restricitions and by-laws. Replacement mantels can be purchased at any hardware store.  Or contact Specialty Gas House.  Specialty Gas House has the mantles to purchase or they can replace the mantels, replace the glass and service your gas lamp.  614.261.0824, email: [email protected]  
  • Architectural Design Review Board - Our deed restrictions require prior approval by the HOA Design Review Board for all improvements to your property, construction or exterior modifications.  i.e.: new roof shingles, paint color for exterior of your home, new landscaping projects, patios, decks, etc.  Make sure all plans are submitted and approved by the Design Review Board prior to any work being doine.  See website under Committees for contact information. 
  • Mailboxes - Many of the mailboxes have taken a beating from the winter and/or are just in need of replacement. Replacement mailboxes must be the same size, style and shape as the original and the numbers should also be the same as the original. If you are interested in a replacement, you can find replacement mailboxes at Lowes item # 807016, Model # E1600B00) about $25 of if you would like one replaced for you, please contact Kerry McClure.   See Useful Info for information on where to order replacement numbers for your mailbox.