Welcome to the Belvedere Website

Summer is HERE! Well, maybe not yet but this warm weather certainly has been nice. 

2017 Dues are due Feb 28th...if you have sent them in thanks!

As you begin to think about getting outside to work in your yards, here are a few reminders:

  • ALL gas lamps need to be lit for safety and appearance following our neighborhood by-laws. If you need a mantle they can be found at Dicks Sports or contact any HOA member.
  • If your planning on any exterior home updates including house painting or decks/patios, please check with the HOA for approval.
  • Finally, many of the mailboxes have taken a beating from the winter and/or are just in need of replacement. Replacement mailboxes must be the same size/shape as the original and the numbers should also be the same as the original. If you are interested in a replacement, you can find replacement mailboxes at Lowes (about $25) of if you would like one replaced for you, please contact HOA board member Kerry McClure. 

Thanks and enjoy the warmer weather!